If you have an insurance renewal to file with the board please mail it to the P.O. Box listed at the top of this page.

If you are a Home Inspector rewnewing your license, please note that AHIB does not receive copies of your certificate of completion of CE courses from education providers. It is the Home Inspector's responsibility to retain these documents and submit them with the Inspector's registration renewal application each year. Copies of the CEC Form, certificates, and other documents which substantiate the continuing education hours submitted to the Board shall be retained by the inspector for at least 2 years after submission as per AHIB rules. If you have not received or have lost any certificate of completion please contact the education provider to obtain these documents to submit with your registration renewal packet.

Membership in referral groups (such as Business Network International - BNI) is a Code of Ethics violation for Arkansas Home Inspectors. Click here for more information.

Click for instructions for becoming a Licensed Arkansas Home Inspector

For clarification it should be noted that licensed Home Inspector Justin Hall HI-1842 (in Cabot) is a separate individual from Justin Hall of Hall Engineering, Ltd. (Little Rock). Justin Hall of Hall Engineering is not licensed to conduct fee paid Home Inspections in the state of Arkansas.

The following Home Inspectors have registration in Suspended status due to lack of current Certificate of Insurance on file with AHIB. It is currently illegal for these inspectors to perform a fee paid home inspection in the state of Arkansas until their status has been put back in good standing:

HI-1186 Michael Swafford - Safe And Sound Home Inspection Services, LLC
HI-1550 Alan Guthrie -
HI-1555 Corey Carmical - Arkansas Property Inspections, LLC
HI-1583 Ron Allen - Allen Home Inspections, LLC
HI-1628 David Cossey - Cossey Home Inspections, LLC
HI-1639 Byron Morgan - Ideal Home Maintenance
HI-1641 Michael Hammock - The Home Team Home Inspections, LLC
HI-1701 Charles Farris - Alpha Home Inspections, LLC
HI-1782 Eric Renner - Eric Renner Inspections
HI-1842 Justin Hall - Southern Home Inspections

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