If you have an insurance renewal to file with the board please mail it to the P.O. Box listed at the top of this page.

Membership in referral groups (such as Business Network International - BNI) is a Code of Ethics violation for Arkansas Home Inspectors. Click here for more information.

Click for instructions for becoming a Licensed Arkansas Home Inspector

For clarification it should be noted that previously licensed Home Inspector Justin Hall HI-1842 (in Cabot) is a separate individual from Justin Hall of Hall Engineering, Ltd. (Little Rock). Justin Hall of Hall Engineering is not licensed to conduct fee paid Home Inspections in the state of Arkansas.

The following Home Inspectors have registration in Suspended status due to lack of current Certificate of Insurance on file with AHIB. It is currently illegal for these inspectors to perform a fee paid home inspection in the state of Arkansas until their status has been put back in good standing:

HI-1479 Freddie Williams - Home Pro Inspection Services, LLC
HI-1875 Frank Yakopec - Journeyman Inspection Services
HI-1921 Bob Roddy - Roddy Home Inspections, LLC
HI-1970 Marshall Morris - Morris Property Inspections, LLC
HI-1975 Jeff Daniel - Daniel Real Estate Inspections
HI-2026 Kyle Graham - NWA Home Inspections
HI-2045 Gavin Miller - Miller Inspections
HI-2048 Joshua Rye - Rye Home Inspection
HI-2051 Cody Kurtzo - Kurtzo Home Inspections, LLC
HI-2054 Samuel Snyder - Snyder Co Home Inspections, LLC
HI-2058 Daniel Davis - Dan the Man Real Estate Inspections
HI-2062 Corey Martin - Martin Property Inspections
HI-2064 Gage Sanders - Sanders Superior Home Inspections, LLC
HI-2105 Michael Koontz - Home Shield Inspections
HI-2113 Ryan McGuffin - Moose Home Inspections, LLC

Current AHIB Rules and Procedures